2015 Sewing Goals

I know, I know, Christmas hasn’t even been yet, but I thought I would outline my sewing goals for next year. I was inspired by Kerry over at PennyDog Patchwork, who wrote this post. She has made five sewing resolutions, but I think I will make as many as I can think of.

1) My first sewing goal will be to keep sewing. I started sewing again in the summer, which is when I also started blogging my makes. I have found that I enjoy sewing more when I know that I am going to share it with you guys. So in 2015, I want to keep sewing

2) My second sewing goal is to sew more tops. I have only tried sewing one top and it did not end very well. I am, however, more likely to be able to wear them than I am skirts and dresses. I have already printed out several PDF top patterns, so I am ready to go!

3) My third sewing goal is to conquer Colette patterns. Any reader of my blog will know that I do not see eye to eye with these patterns, however I hear so many good things about them, I would rather get on with them. I have printed out the Sorbetto, and I have the Colette pattern book, so I have everything I need.

4) My fourth sewing goal is to use my sewing patterns. I have a huge pattern stash. I am probably not the only one, so I would be happy if anyone could give me some advice!

5) My fifth sewing goal is to enter more sewing competitions. I really enjoyed entering the Cat Lady Sewing Competition and the Grease inspired one, and so I want to do more of them.

6) My sixth sewing goal is to work on my sewing techniques. I am not the most experienced sewist, and I want to sew better. I am armed with the internet and my sewing books, watch out!

So these are my six goals, and I will hopefully be able to accomplish them all… We will see!


PDF Pattern Chaos – and Christmas Presents!

Christmas songs are booming through the house, and I am finally home! (Well, I got back on Thursday but shhh). We are having an early Christmas today, before we go off and visit family on the big day. This morning we opened a couple of presents each, and mine were sewing related, yay!

I got a teeny weeny travel sewing set;

2014-12-21 13.54.43

(So cute!)

And, – I am so so so happy Yay!- I also got ‘Love at first stitch’ by Tilly Walnes. I have heard  so many good things about this book, and I am so so excited to start sewing her creations! The Francoise dress looks beautiful and I think I have the perfect material to make it in, but I am just waiting on finding it cheaper – whether it be on eBay or in a sale-. Anyway, very exciting stuff!

As you can see from the title, and also if you follow me on instagram, I spent last night painstakingly piecing together PDF patterns. They will be the death of me, they take so long!

I put together the free Colette Sorbetto top; yes I am willing to give them another go, even after my disastrous run-in with the Violet blouse.

I also printed cut and stuck the leggings pattern I bought while on discount, and now just need to find/order some appropriate material and I will have a go in the new year. (All very exciting as I bought myself a gym class membership, which starts in January…)

The last pattern I put together was the Fancy Tiger Crafts Sailor Top I won, which I am also excited about finding fabric to use. I may even stash bust (ha ha ha) when I get back to uni; one of my wardrobes is getting very hard to close with the piles of material in there!

If you are interested in seeing all the things I have won so far, have a look at my winnings page.

Here are some photos of the chaos from last night;

2014-12-20 21.39.07 2014-12-20 22.10.47 2014-12-20 22.31.16 2014-12-20 22.39.33 2014-12-20 23.31.34

What a mess…

Happy holidays everyone!

Yoga Leggings Pattern

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share with you a very impromptu purchase which occurred this morning.

As I generally do, I was going through sewing competitions to enter, when I came across this giveaway;

And within this blog post was a very lovely 55% off Seamingly Smitten sewing patterns in the Etsy shop.

And that is how I spent $3.60 (instead of $8) on Yoga pants.

I have really wanted to make my own leggings for a while now, as Ready To Wear leggings are often weirdly sized and very (very) see-through and not fit to wear out of the house. Also just yesterday I ripped mine, so a large rip at the ankle now joins the many holes in the thighs. It is time to, instead of re darning old leggings, make my own.


Not 100% sure my sewing skills stretch this far but hey, what am I if I am not a tryer?!

Anywho, the incredible 55% discount works till the 15th of this month; go forth and enjoy!

I will review this pattern once I find the perfect material (and print out the PDF)

(On another note, if you would like £5 to spend on Etsy, please use this link! It also means that Etsy will give me money to spend sooooo win win I say!)