My first forays into a Lilou Dress

I am awful at blogging, so I have decided to write this post straight after the last one, and then schedule it to be posted another day. I love being able to do that! I feel very organised! I may even do another one! (or not. but you will have to wait a couple of days to see if I have or if I have not…)

I have been busy though; I travelled back home for the Easter holidays, did some teaching, met up with some friends, reapplied for student finance, did a lot of shopping… so I have not been idle!

I have also painstakingly traced round the Lilou dress pattern from Tilly Walnes’ ‘Love at First Stitch’, which I got at Christmas. It took me forever, and I had monopoly over the dining room table for the best part of a morning, but I did get it done! (I thought I had photos of this, but apparently not. Not that they would have been particularly exciting photos mind you.. just image a lot of paper on a table)

This holiday I was supposed to be making a Ruby dress for my sister, however at the last minute she decided to watch the rugby instead of going fabric shopping, so I don’t think it will be done this time round. I did go shopping and pick up a lot of bedding (prettily patterned ones from charity shops) so that she wouldn’t have to leave the house to pick the fabric, but alas, none of them she liked. Her loss really! I found the nicest patterned one; white with pink and yellow and blue flowers; it is very summery!

I was planning on making my first Lilou dress with a yellow and white table cloth that my Nana bought me at the same time as she bought my cat lady material, but I have left it in Plymouth. I was a bit at a loss because I don’t have much fabric here (hence why my sorbetto is made out of very stiff cushion covering, and looks like something out of a children’s book), and I had really wanted to do some sewing.

That is when I put two and two together, and used some pretty bedding fabric to make my Lilou!

2015-03-27 15.53.30This is the fabric folded in two. It was a double duvet cover (thank goodness) and the underside was plain white. So I decided to do something different. I cut through both layers at the same time, cutting out a lining at the same time! I have never sewn with lining before, and it is a bit tougher on the old sewing machine so I am doing most by hand.

2015-03-27 16.42.19

Here is my attempt at doing a scalloped neckline… I don’t think it has quite worked, but I will see when I try it on! If not, I will just shear it off and no one will be any the wiser! (unless they have read this blog post which I doubt)

2015-03-27 16.41.58  2015-03-27 16.42.46 2015-03-27 16.43.16

I know I know, the photos are upside down etc etc but hey, I can live with that! Just look at the pretty fabric!

I machined-sewed the darts in the bodice, and the tops of the arms together, and the rest I am hand-sewing because I don’t think the machine can handle four layers of fabric, and I feel more in control this way anyway. The pleats have gone in, and everything is pinned into place so the next time I have five minutes, I can get straight to it! I have just ordered a zip from eBay, which will arrive when I am on holiday, so that is perfect. The pattern/Tilly calls for an invisible zip but hey. Why stress myself? I don’t want that extra hassle, and I’m sure an exposed zip will be fine….

That is it for now, after Easter weekend I will get back to it, and sew with renewed vigour, but for now, have a lovely break!


Fabric Fox Christmas Pouch!

So, as you will be aware, I was lucky enough to win some fabric from The Fabric Fox .
I won the autumn theme which was/is honestly adorable, and decided to make a pouch for my Auntie’s Christmas present.

To be completely honest, it is not my best sewing, however you learn from you mistakes! And next time, I think I will sandwich the zipper material between the lining and the outer fabric, and make sure that the zip is not as long as the material.

It has been a good learning curve in all fairness!


2014-12-14 13.31.49 2014-12-14 13.31.55

I used a really cute mushroom print fabric for the main piece (and lined them up really well as seen here with the top of the mushroom…


2014-12-14 16.26.00


For the lining I used a leaf print fabric which I really like.

2014-12-15 11.03.42 2014-12-15 11.02.25

I used a lovely blue zip which cost me 25p ish from eBay

2014-12-15 11.02.04

And this is my finished pouch! My auntie was really pleased with it, and so am I!

Good job I’m bilingual! Deer and Doe Airelle

After hearing so many good things about Deer and Doe, I thought it was high time to buy one of their patterns. Daunted slightly by the retail price, I hit Ebay, and bought Blouse Airelle, for £8.51 including postage.

A little more than I would have liked to pay, but hey

!2014-11-27 16.34.58

On opening it up, however, I realised that all the instructions are in French! I knew that the company was based in France, however I had also heard that they had bilingual instructions. Nope. Not in this one anyway!

Handily I am French bilingual (shout out to my mother), so I have a way around this, but it would have been so annoying if I wasn’t!!!

I am excited to sew up a top, like I said before, I am eager to have some me-made tops to add to my wardrobe.

EBAY Haul – More zips!


A really quick post before I leave to catch my train (yayay!)

Today I received in the post the pack of zips I talked about earlier;

I bought three lots for £4 plus £2.80 postage and got;2014-11-14 13.58.20

2014-11-14 13.59.50 2014-11-14 14.01.02

28 zips!

Which is, again, 25p per zip!

Not all of them are pretty, but I definitely know that I will never be lacking in zips ever again! (Until I use them all of course…)

Love a little bit of ebay!

Ebay Haul – Zip Bundle!

Good morning!

After two of my lectures were cancelled this morning, I thought I would take the opportunity to blog about a parcel I received yesterday.

I am a huge fan of eBay, and will buy pretty much anything. This time, I ordered a job lot bundle of 20 zips, for £4.98, meaning that each zip cost 25p.

2014-11-13 09.47.48

A bargain, if you consider that most of them have tags still on them; one stating it originally cost £1.50!

The longest zip in the pack is 30 inches (75cm), and the smallest, 5 1/2 inches. Most of them are normal, regular zips, however there is one double ended and five invisible ones!

Quite a good range, I thought, and very cheap!

I have ordered a few more from eBay, and will blog about those when they come.

I have found that I was always lacking zips, or lacking the right length ones. Hopefully my spree will remedy this, and I will have the correct notions for all my projects!

Speaking of projects, I am quite keen to make myself a few tops. I have quite a lot of vintage patterns to choose from, plus my sailor top to try (though I am a bit reluctant to print a PDF on my house mate’s printer; we are uni students!). I am sure I will figure something out; keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Thanks for reading, have a fab day!