I have a sewing machine!

Praise be!

To be honest, I have had a sewing machine in my loft at home since before Christmas, but it was languishing there unused, unloved, as I was unable to make it work.

Thankfully, my mother’s student is a sewing machine guru and had a look at it for me the other week, and it is working! Well. It was working. My dad had to give it a bit of a jiggle around and oil it some, as it was jamming. I haven’t tried it since, so I am unaware as to whether it is running smoothly, but I can always hope!

It is a Toyota model, so if anyone owns one, I will be in your debt forever if you gave me any tips etc. They would  be most appreciated I can tell you!

Anyway, I did some sewing on my machine before it gave up; I started making a Sorbetto top! I am very excited to announce that I have tried again at a Colette pattern, as that was one of my sewing goals (and four months into the year, I fear I have not accomplished many of them.. oops!)

2015-03-27 09.47.29I cut a straight six (Only because when I got the pattern out of the plastic wallet I had put it in at Christmas, that was what it was cut out as. I haven’t a clue if that is my size, but I am too lazy to check trust past Rhiannon’s judgement.

2015-03-27 10.12.25

Excuse the unironed fabric; it is some sort of bedding I think; there are cushions in my sister’s room which look suspiciously similar to this top.

I managed to machine sew the arm holes together before it gave up on me; I think the pleat stressed it out too much. I am actually quite unsure as to how I should go about sewing it down. I will probably do it by hand; yes it is slower, however I have so much more control over what I am doing!

Anywho, this is a bit of a boring post; I just wanted to update everyone on the fact that I now have a sewing machine! (Which is exciting stuff for me, if not everyone else!)

Have a happy week!


Good job I’m bilingual! Deer and Doe Airelle

After hearing so many good things about Deer and Doe, I thought it was high time to buy one of their patterns. Daunted slightly by the retail price, I hit Ebay, and bought Blouse Airelle, for £8.51 including postage.

A little more than I would have liked to pay, but hey

!2014-11-27 16.34.58

On opening it up, however, I realised that all the instructions are in French! I knew that the company was based in France, however I had also heard that they had bilingual instructions. Nope. Not in this one anyway!

Handily I am French bilingual (shout out to my mother), so I have a way around this, but it would have been so annoying if I wasn’t!!!

I am excited to sew up a top, like I said before, I am eager to have some me-made tops to add to my wardrobe.

Should I? Should I not?

So, I have a bit of a dilemma…

I have found another sewing competition I would really like to enter (even though I haven’t even completely finished my last one!) It is Grease themed (which is amazing omg, who doesn’t love a bit of Grease?) and can be found here.

To  be completely honest, I may have already bought a pattern……..

Well, it is a blouse, which I need more of anyway, so technically it isn’t a ‘waste’ – not that sewing is a waste anyway! I bought the Violet Colette pattern  which looks so cute! I am excited for it to arrive, and I am at the moment looking through Ebay for some fabrics to use. I’m thinking crepe de chine; specifically this one but I’m not sure it looks ‘Grease’ enough for the competition. If I even end up entering it…. either that or some sort of pale pastel colour. Or maybe both…

Thoughts would be really helpful!