Vinyl Pouch

Hullo hullo me again.

So. I did say that I would pace myself when it came to my sewing projects, as I have numerous assignment deadlines looming. However, when one of the projects was a birthday present, it couldn’t really be put off for much longer!

To remind you, this is a photo I took of my yet-to-be started project;

2015-01-21 13.39.05

I quite like that photo actually!

Anyway, quite a simple project, and only took me yesterday evening to do; it is already on the post, winging itself first class to my Nana!

I sewed on the zip, and up the two sides, and turned right side out (harder than it sounds; I accidentally sewed it shut by forgetting to leave the zip half open and I couldn’t quite reach the zip pull to open it back up… oops!)

2015-02-01 18.16.45 2015-02-01 18.30.33 2015-02-01 20.11.50

Vinyl is actually quite nice to sew; I was pleasantly surprised!

I then added a finishing touch by sewing on a ribbon all the way round, and tying it in a bow;

2015-02-01 21.20.16 2015-02-01 21.21.47

I am very pleased with myself; this pouch turned out really well (even if I do say so myself) and my stitching was very straight up the sides (which is good as they are visible!), and the bow is cute, and I hope my Nana likes it as much as I do!

Happy week everyone!


Charger Pouch

Yet another project I did not plan on doing….

My cousin asked me to make her a pouch in which she can tidy her laptop charger in. I whatsapped her photos of all the fabrics I had, and she chose this lovely grey material for the lining. And this yellow material for the outer fabric. Sadly, I didn’t have enough left. But, I was resourceful, and unpicked the first pouch I had made. To be fair, it was not the best sewing I have ever done, and I wasn’t using it, so this made perfect sense to me.

2015-01-26 22.21.20 2015-01-26 22.39.53

Anyhow, I decided to try and sandwich the zip between the inner and outer fabric, and I am really quite proud of myself! I also think that my stitching is rather straight.

2015-01-26 23.10.44  2015-01-26 23.39.00

(well except in this photo….)

2015-01-27 12.41.42 2015-01-27 12.41.53

The inside is pretty neat as well!

2015-01-27 12.40.59 2015-01-27 12.41.09

So I have sent my cousin her new pouch in the post; fingers crossed she likes it!

Be my (Game of Thrones) Valentine

So I have been toiling away for a couple of weeks now, on a project of mine that I hadn’t blogged about.

I was thinking about something I could make for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day, something that he could use or maybe something he would appreciate. I hit on something even better.

Game of Thrones related!

I made a pinboard of GoT quotes and ideas; a purse or pouch? But I don’t have appropriate ‘manly’ fabric. A t-shirt? I’m not about to pretend that my sewing skills are up to that.
And then I saw a cross stitch. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at cross stitch, so I bought the materials on Ebay and got started!

I found an alphabet on the internet and then copied it and then found a frame to copy as well. The sword I did free hand (and that was actually pretty difficult).

I think the words are quite apt, a) because it is true and b) because needles are what I use a lot nowadays soooo…


I did however mark where I needed to stitch with pen, and it looks messy. Any ideas about how I could rectify this?

Anyway, I hope all your crafts are going well! Thanks for reading 🙂

Future Projects!

I have not been sewing any clothes for a while now, and I would really like to get back into it. However, I am worried that this will prove the perfect distraction from all the assignments I need to do before the end of March (all three of them). I am also slightly worried that I will not be able to complete my Vintage sewing pledge of sewing up two of my vintage patterns.

So in an effort to publicly shame myself into actually realising my sewing goals for this year, I thought I would share with you the projects I want to make! (I will probably regret this)

The first project is not vintage, however it is a birthday present which needs to be sent of asap.

2015-01-21 13.39.05

This is going to be a pouch for my Nana. I haven’t yet decided what ribbon to use to decorate the top of the pouch, not have I figured out how to make the sewing pretty as it will be seen through the transparent vinyl.. We will see!

The first of my vintage patterns is the one I am most excited for, but the one that will probably take me the longest.

2015-01-21 12.43.30

You may recognise the pattern as I bought it not long ago. The material, zip and trim I won in a competition, and I hope that it will all go together. I want to try a peter pan collar, but not sure what material to use, and not sure about sleeves or no sleeves… Fingers crossed this will not look awful, as it really is lovely fabric!

2015-01-21 13.04.35

The piece of clothing that will probably be done first is this tunic. I think the pattern counts as vintage, but I will have to check! The fabric comes from John Lewis in the sale, and looks quite Cath Kidston-y, don’t you think? I want to make view 4, which is the lady in the middle’s tunic, because I like to wear leggings, but always run out of tops to wear with them. Two birds, one stone, because I set myself a goal of making more tops. I am a bit worried that there won’t be enough fabric, but I am sure I can try to squeaze it all in… also it is cotton, which is not listed in the recommended fabrics….

So there. It is out in the open. I’ve put them in separate bags, to make sure I wont use the material for anything else. Now to find some time to sew again! I even found a mini sewing machine at the back of my cupboard (I had to do a sort out; I had a few very unequally balanced towers in there which toppled over at the slightest touch, so that had to change!) so maybe 2015 is the year I teach myself the art of the sewing machine (even though it isn’t really a real one)

Elephanting around

Is elephanting even a word? According to word checker, no it isn’t. Oh well, I can dream.

Anyway, this post is about an elephant plushee I made for my friend’s birthday. I had said that I would make her an owl cushion, but I found out she had already made herself one with a kit received at Christmas. So instead, I made her an elephant, and I am actually pretty pleased with how it turned out!

I used this pattern and tutorial,
2015-01-14 20.46.51

and used material I won for the body, and material I bought at the market for the ears.

2015-01-14 20.47.02 2015-01-14 20.47.49-2

I cut out the pattern pieces:

2015-01-14 21.11.22  2015-01-14 21.11.42 2015-01-14 21.12.16 2015-01-14 21.30.23

And then pinned them right sides together;

2015-01-14 21.41.40 2015-01-14 22.06.09 2015-01-14 22.08.08

I sewed all the way round, leaving a gap on the elephant’s bottom:

2015-01-16 18.08.23

I then turned it right side out

2015-01-16 18.10.59

Then I stuffed the elephant using wadding, and sewed him up, adding a tail. The sewing is slightly more visible than I would have liked, and possibly could have been stuffed a tad more, but all in all, I am rather pleased!

2015-01-16 18.37.28 2015-01-16 18.37.52

Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015

The eagle-eyed among you will have noticed the addition of a new badge on the sidebar;

I am going to be taking part in the Vintage Sewing Pattern Pledge 2015, run by A Stitching Odyssey. I saw lots of posts last year showcasing beautiful vintage clothes, and I have now amassed a huge amount of vintage patterns (of which only one I have used).

Now is my chance!

During 2015, I, Rhiannon from Sew Punny, will sew up at least two of my vintage or reproduction sewing patterns.  
I hope I will be able to do this; I have some very nice patterns which need using!
2014-12-30 19.13.45I so need a better picture of this pattern envelope!! Anyway, this is one I want to make up, and I am sure I will find something else to sew as well 🙂
Wish me luck!

Just Horseing around!

I hope that everyone’s January is going to plan; so far so good for me actually! I am back at uni, and handed in one assignment in early (2 down, 8 to go), activated my exercise class membership (I have zumba tonight), and I have been drinking more water. And last night I made an amazing pasta tuna bake from scratch; I am so pleased with myself (little things, I know)!

I have been sewing, although I have been trying not to distract myself from uni work, and for the moment is has been okay. I have a list of projects that  I want to do;

  • vinyl bag for my nana’s birthday
  • owl cushion for my friend’s birthday
  • sew something for my boyfriend for valentine’s day

Hoping to do them in time for them to be sent off before their respective deadlines!

While I was at home, I started working on some sports leggings. I need to improve the fit around the shins, tidy up the sewing inside and attach the waist band and they should be wearable!

My first sewing of 2015 in my uni house was a horse!

It is my friend’s birthday soon, and she likes horses, so I decided to make her a tiny one. It is more the thought that counts, because as I was stuffing it, I realised I had only given it two legs… ah well!

2015-01-12 22.30.31

I used a template from the internet and cut two horse shapes out

2015-01-12 22.31.15

2015-01-12 22.32.51

I used fabric I won from a competition with horses on, which I thought was quite apt. However, the horse on the fabric got their heads chopped off oops!

2015-01-12 22.35.14

I pinned them right sides together and then stitched all the way round except for the belly. I then turned it right side out, using a pencil to push all the fabric right to the ends. I then stuffed it (again using the pencil to help) and then stitched horsey back up.

2015-01-12 23.16.35 2015-01-12 23.16.40

Not the best piece of sewing I know, especially the finish, and I realised I didn’t stuff one of the legs completely, after having sewn him up… Like I said, it is the thought that counts!