Velvet Skirt Refashion

So yesterday, I had a sudden panic. I am going up to Oxford today to spend the weekend with my boyfriend , and we are going out out, and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!

Well, I do, but I mean I wanted a plain black skirt, which bizarrely, I didn’t have. (aside from all of my work skirts I mean). And so I cast my mind to the bag I have of clothes to refashion, and I remembered a black velvet skirt which was just begging to be shortened.

WIN_20141113_204729 And shortened it had to be! You can’t tell here, but I was standing precariously on my wheely desk chair to get the length into the shot! it was so so so long! I maybe could have pulled it off as a calf length skirt, but it will get so much more use as a shorter skirt!

So I pinned and lopped and sewed, and voila!

WIN_20141113_215515 WIN_20141113_215502So it looks wonky, I am just hoping that’s because I put it on wonky, not because I cut and sewed it wrong!! But yes, as you can see, it is much shorter, which means I have a lovely bit of velvet to play with at some point yay!

Oh yes, I didn’t mention the fact that I had bought this in a charity shop! (But you had probably guessed anyway! It cost me £1.99 in the British Red Cross.


Quick Top Refashion

This is just a really quick post about a top I bought in a charity shop for £3.45.

It was so cute, a top/dress with cats on; how can I not!

picture484 picture485

So, as you can see, it is rather long and poufy and lovely. The only problem was that there were two buttons which awkwardly slanted to the side and I didn’t (and still don’t) understand whyyy they were there in the first place!

So I uh chopped them off. Not a big refashion, or one that was particularly difficult, but effective all the same!

2014-10-24 19.33.51

2014-10-24 19.34.53

2014-10-24 19.35.05