Lilou Lilou…

So as you are aware, I am sewing up Tilly and the button’s Lilou dress.

Yesterday and today I have started sewing in earnest but I am still waiting on my zip from EBay to arrive so I can do final adjustments etc.

I did my first fitting of it last night and my mother kindly took photos for me;


A very unflattering photo I know but just to show the whole dress in its entirety. I’m not sure about the scallops, I’m going to trim them off and try again next time I make Lilou.

I also had to re-sew my darts by hand because they were not the same length. I am not used to my sewing machine and so I overshot majorly



As you can see, there are major  wrinkles going on at the back, which I am hoping can be rectified when I put the zip in. My back pleats here are very wonky but I have worked it out and everything is equal now (phew!).


I’m also not bothering with pattern matching, but I don’t think it matters too much.

I hope your sewing projects are going smoothly !


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