Knitted Bunting

Here I am again!

This time, the post is about knitting. Next year, I am chair of ‘Knit Fast Die Warm’, the knitting society at university. I know, cringe, especially at my age (I’m not even 20!) But actually, I really enjoy knitting and sewing, and I don’t think I should apologise for enjoying myself. It is a very soothing pastime (except if you forget your row number or stitch count or the pattern pieces aren’t coming together properly….) and sociable too; I have met so many new people; it is just so nice!

Anyway, I have been wanting to make some bunting for the fresher’s fair in September, so I thought it was high time I started!

I’m using this pattern from the hobbycraft website, and it is really quite good until the end; I haven’t got the hang of it quite yet.

2015-04-02 13.53.20

Here is my first attempt; I lost count of the row I was on, so it is very wonky oops

2015-04-02 13.53.26

My second attempt is so much neater, I am very pleased. However, the bottom is not quite right unfortunately.

I have started my third piece; maybe third time lucky?

2015-04-02 13.53.40

Fingers crossed anyway!

I am also thinking of knitting the letters ‘K F D W’ to add to the bunting, but that will be attempted after Easter weekend I think!


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