Be my (Game of Thrones) Valentine

So I have been toiling away for a couple of weeks now, on a project of mine that I hadn’t blogged about.

I was thinking about something I could make for my boyfriend for Valentine’s day, something that he could use or maybe something he would appreciate. I hit on something even better.

Game of Thrones related!

I made a pinboard of GoT quotes and ideas; a purse or pouch? But I don’t have appropriate ‘manly’ fabric. A t-shirt? I’m not about to pretend that my sewing skills are up to that.
And then I saw a cross stitch. I’ve always wanted to try my hand at cross stitch, so I bought the materials on Ebay and got started!

I found an alphabet on the internet and then copied it and then found a frame to copy as well. The sword I did free hand (and that was actually pretty difficult).

I think the words are quite apt, a) because it is true and b) because needles are what I use a lot nowadays soooo…


I did however mark where I needed to stitch with pen, and it looks messy. Any ideas about how I could rectify this?

Anyway, I hope all your crafts are going well! Thanks for reading 🙂


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