Just Horseing around!

I hope that everyone’s January is going to plan; so far so good for me actually! I am back at uni, and handed in one assignment in early (2 down, 8 to go), activated my exercise class membership (I have zumba tonight), and I have been drinking more water. And last night I made an amazing pasta tuna bake from scratch; I am so pleased with myself (little things, I know)!

I have been sewing, although I have been trying not to distract myself from uni work, and for the moment is has been okay. I have a list of projects that  I want to do;

  • vinyl bag for my nana’s birthday
  • owl cushion for my friend’s birthday
  • sew something for my boyfriend for valentine’s day

Hoping to do them in time for them to be sent off before their respective deadlines!

While I was at home, I started working on some sports leggings. I need to improve the fit around the shins, tidy up the sewing inside and attach the waist band and they should be wearable!

My first sewing of 2015 in my uni house was a horse!

It is my friend’s birthday soon, and she likes horses, so I decided to make her a tiny one. It is more the thought that counts, because as I was stuffing it, I realised I had only given it two legs… ah well!

2015-01-12 22.30.31

I used a template from the internet and cut two horse shapes out

2015-01-12 22.31.15

2015-01-12 22.32.51

I used fabric I won from a competition with horses on, which I thought was quite apt. However, the horse on the fabric got their heads chopped off oops!

2015-01-12 22.35.14

I pinned them right sides together and then stitched all the way round except for the belly. I then turned it right side out, using a pencil to push all the fabric right to the ends. I then stuffed it (again using the pencil to help) and then stitched horsey back up.

2015-01-12 23.16.35 2015-01-12 23.16.40

Not the best piece of sewing I know, especially the finish, and I realised I didn’t stuff one of the legs completely, after having sewn him up… Like I said, it is the thought that counts!


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