2015 Sewing Goals

I know, I know, Christmas hasn’t even been yet, but I thought I would outline my sewing goals for next year. I was inspired by Kerry over at PennyDog Patchwork, who wrote this post. She has made five sewing resolutions, but I think I will make as many as I can think of.

1) My first sewing goal will be to keep sewing. I started sewing again in the summer, which is when I also started blogging my makes. I have found that I enjoy sewing more when I know that I am going to share it with you guys. So in 2015, I want to keep sewing

2) My second sewing goal is to sew more tops. I have only tried sewing one top and it did not end very well. I am, however, more likely to be able to wear them than I am skirts and dresses. I have already printed out several PDF top patterns, so I am ready to go!

3) My third sewing goal is to conquer Colette patterns. Any reader of my blog will know that I do not see eye to eye with these patterns, however I hear so many good things about them, I would rather get on with them. I have printed out the Sorbetto, and I have the Colette pattern book, so I have everything I need.

4) My fourth sewing goal is to use my sewing patterns. I have a huge pattern stash. I am probably not the only one, so I would be happy if anyone could give me some advice!

5) My fifth sewing goal is to enter more sewing competitions. I really enjoyed entering the Cat Lady Sewing Competition and the Grease inspired one, and so I want to do more of them.

6) My sixth sewing goal is to work on my sewing techniques. I am not the most experienced sewist, and I want to sew better. I am armed with the internet and my sewing books, watch out!

So these are my six goals, and I will hopefully be able to accomplish them all… We will see!


3 thoughts on “2015 Sewing Goals

  1. Good luck, it’ll be interesting to see where you are next year. I’ve made two Sorbettos and they’re great but I recommend you add a couple of inches to the length as it does come up quite short – unless of course you’re happy with it being so!! Happy Christmas 🙂


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