Kitchen Chair Cushions

Long time no post, I know I know. I had an assignment that needed doing, and so I had no time to blog (or to sew sadly). I have also made my mama some pouches, but I won’t blog about that until after christmas, when she receives them.

Yesterday, however, I made some cushions!

2014-12-07 20.51.01



2014-12-07 20.55.08

It wasn’t exactly the best sewing I have ever done, however I am pretty pleased! I used the fabric I won from various competitions and some scrap white fabric for the underneath (Which shall never be photographed. Ever.).

I had bought wadding from Ebay, and so I doubled it up for more comfyness (and the cushions are very comfy). I also used the ribbons you get in clothes, as ties.

So the only costly thing for this project, was the wadding. And I have loads left!

2014-12-07 20.51.05 2014-12-07 20.51.46 2014-12-07 20.51.532014-12-07 20.54.50 2014-12-07 20.53.412014-12-07 20.52.39   2014-12-07 20.53.29 2014-12-07 20.53.32


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