Finger Puppets!

Hello, I am going crazy, I have been working very hard on my assignment, so I thought I would take a break before writing the conclusion, by writing a post!

I have several things to blog about, but have pictures of only one project, boo!

In uni the other day, we sewed some finger puppets!

2014-11-23 20.26.56

This is a fox, not very successful, but my next one, I am very proud of!

2014-11-23 20.26.47

It is a gingerbread man! I found it on pinterest, and just copied the stitching pattern.

I have a finished pouch to show, and I am in the process of creating another one for a secret santa present. I am also going to start making cushions for the kitchen table in my uni house. Myself and one of my house mates have decided on the fabric (heads up, it is stuff I won yay!) and now I have to think about how I am going to put them together. Wish me luck! I will update as soon as I have photos


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