Velvet Skirt Refashion

So yesterday, I had a sudden panic. I am going up to Oxford today to spend the weekend with my boyfriend , and we are going out out, and I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!!!

Well, I do, but I mean I wanted a plain black skirt, which bizarrely, I didn’t have. (aside from all of my work skirts I mean). And so I cast my mind to the bag I have of clothes to refashion, and I remembered a black velvet skirt which was just begging to be shortened.

WIN_20141113_204729 And shortened it had to be! You can’t tell here, but I was standing precariously on my wheely desk chair to get the length into the shot! it was so so so long! I maybe could have pulled it off as a calf length skirt, but it will get so much more use as a shorter skirt!

So I pinned and lopped and sewed, and voila!

WIN_20141113_215515 WIN_20141113_215502So it looks wonky, I am just hoping that’s because I put it on wonky, not because I cut and sewed it wrong!! But yes, as you can see, it is much shorter, which means I have a lovely bit of velvet to play with at some point yay!

Oh yes, I didn’t mention the fact that I had bought this in a charity shop! (But you had probably guessed anyway! It cost me £1.99 in the British Red Cross.


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