Yoga Leggings Pattern

Hello everyone!

I thought I would share with you a very impromptu purchase which occurred this morning.

As I generally do, I was going through sewing competitions to enter, when I came across this giveaway;

And within this blog post was a very lovely 55% off Seamingly Smitten sewing patterns in the Etsy shop.

And that is how I spent $3.60 (instead of $8) on Yoga pants.

I have really wanted to make my own leggings for a while now, as Ready To Wear leggings are often weirdly sized and very (very) see-through and not fit to wear out of the house. Also just yesterday I ripped mine, so a large rip at the ankle now joins the many holes in the thighs. It is time to, instead of re darning old leggings, make my own.


Not 100% sure my sewing skills stretch this far but hey, what am I if I am not a tryer?!

Anywho, the incredible 55% discount works till the 15th of this month; go forth and enjoy!

I will review this pattern once I find the perfect material (and print out the PDF)

(On another note, if you would like £5 to spend on Etsy, please use this link! It also means that Etsy will give me money to spend sooooo win win I say!)


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