Charity Shop Haul – Fabrics

I don’t know if you will be interested in reading these kinds of posts, but I am obsessed with charity shopping. Honestly, I love it. And I went shopping the other day and bought a load of stuff which I am really pleased with, and so I thought I would share!

So first up is a pair of children’s curtains which are so so so precious! I have seen them several times and resisted buying them as they are a lil pricey, but I caved in and got them anyway!

2014-10-25 17.31.10

Just look at the cute giraffes and lions and crocodiles and birds and awh! These cost £4.95 (ouch) and I am not 100% sure what they will turn into, but I am sure I will find something! I also bought some netting from the same shop for £1.95, which again I’m not sure what will be made with it, but it had deer and little birds on (so cute!). I don’t have a nice photo as it is still drying from the washing machine.

The next find was a-mazing. It was in a shop in which you can buy 6 items for £5, and so everything I bought was less than a pound.

2014-10-25 17.30.51

(I know these are terrible photos but shh). So I just got out my calculator and worked out that this cost me about 83p which is amazing! It is also a curtain I think, but there is only one. It is such a gorgeous colour oh my lawd. I was thinking a dress or a skirt but just now I have had a flash of inspiration and might make myself a top and shorts set. So lovely oh my!

I also went to Oxfam and was really surprised to only spend £1.99! I know it is for a good cause, but I always find that their prices are slightly higher than other shops? Anyway, I bought this sheet;

2014-10-25 17.31.30

(another awful photo). I straight away thought skirt and the geese can be the bottom trim howeverrr I don’t think I have enough geese so it may be the trim on the waistband. Anyway, it is super cute and I love the stripes also!

The last bit of fabric I bought was another pair of curtains, this time with Winnie the Pooh on them. I know, what was I thinking? It cost £2.99, and can be made into something cute, I am pretty sure. Hopefully anyway!

2014-10-25 17.30.35

Cute though right?

I actually bought a top in size 18 for a pound which I am planning on refashioning, but that also is still drying so I can’t show you yet. Watch this space for that blog post though!

The last last last things I bought were two sewing patterns, for 50p each.

2014-10-24 17.19.12 2014-10-24 17.19.18

(Ohhh I give up! Been trying for a few minutes to turn the right way round and wordpress is nottt cooperating )

I’m quite tempted to give sewing my own trousers a go, but I am a little reluctant as I have heard it is quite difficult. I am excited about trying to sew my own blouse (better than my last attempt hopefully!) And for 50p, who is complaining!


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