Colette Violet Blouse Grease Project

I cannot stop laughing ohmylawd.

So as you all know, I have entered yet another sewing competition; the Grease inspired one.

I bought my Colette Violet pattern and ordered my fabric and got sewing. I changed my mind about the fabric because I thought I would do a muslin before working with my more expensive fabric (all £7.50 of it).

2014-10-18 21.54.29

This is some fabric I bought in a charity shop; I think I had a couple of metres for £2.50, which is not bad at all. I really like it; it is white with green/gold dots and yer. Not sure what kind of fabric, I’m going to guess at cotton.

Anyhow. I had heard really good reviews about Colette patterns, so I thought that it would be pretty easy to do/well documented. And urm. No. So disappointed with the instructions; they were basically non existent and I had such trouble putting the shirt together, so I decided that my muslin would be my actual shirt because I can not face doing another Violet. Honestly, I feel a bit let down by the pattern 😦

Anyway, I’m laughing because I just tried on the top and IT IS WONKY!!! I can’t top giggling! picture482As you can see, the collar is wonky and the hem isn’t the same length!!!

But I give up, I’m not doing any more work on this because seriously, I cannot!

I don’t have a sewing machine at uni (or a working one at home) so I do my button holes by hand and ohmylawd I can’t either!!!

The buttons I used are mother of pearl type ones which I recycled from a garment I must have chucked a while ago.

As I am typing I can feel another problem with this top; it is tight across the back ewww


I’m proud that I have done it, but just not overwhelmed by Colette unfortunately 😦  I have however sewed my first darts which is so exciting!

What are your thoughts? Have you had trouble with Violet? Or Colette? Just me? (So many questions!!)


4 thoughts on “Colette Violet Blouse Grease Project

  1. I’m surprised: I think Colette pattern instructions are some of the best there are! Mind you I haven’t made the Violet, just the Moneta, the Hazel and the Sorbetto. It’s such a shame you are cross with it, it looks like a lovely shirt and that charity shop fabric was a real find!


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