Poppy Project

Hello hello!

I am working on two different sewing projects at the moment, one being my Grease inspired Violet Blouse (which I have yet to try on), which will be blogged as soon as I am done, and the other being a charity sew! Oh also, today I received my Halloween dress which I am going to sew as well, so that will be blogged as well at some point.

Anyhow. I have joined a craft club at uni as I have said before – i think- and we are making poppies for November, and selling them at some point. The rest of the group are knitting them, but as I do not knit, they provided me with some felt, so I have been sewing some. Here is the first one I made;

2014-10-21 19.31.42

2014-10-21 19.31.48

I’m very proud of myself (not that these are hard to do but hey ho!)

I used buttons for the middle, and I think they look adorable! And they are recycled; I have amassed a huge amount of buttons because before throwing away any clothes which are beyond hope, I lop off all said buttons etc and squirrel them away… oops!


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