Cat Lady Sewing Challenge

I’m done!

I have officially finished my Cat Lady Sewing Challenge dress!

I am so proud of myself; I managed to turn a duvet cover into a dress…. My lining arrived this afternoon, so I jumped straight to it and sewed it into the skirt to make it less transparent.

2014-10-17 16.23.56 It makes a lot of noise, and isn’t the best feeling in the world, but it does the trick so!

I actually have a little label I want to sew in, which came from the original duvet, it would be as a nod to the original state of the dress. But I’m not sure where I want to put it….

2014-10-17 16.23.33

So, drumroll please……

2014-10-17 16.21.00 This is the finished product!

2014-10-17 16.21.24And this is the lining (you can just about see it).

I will get my ‘official’ competition photos done soon, once I can rope my flat mate into helping me.


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