Should I? Should I not?

So, I have a bit of a dilemma…

I have found another sewing competition I would really like to enter (even though I haven’t even completely finished my last one!) It is Grease themed (which is amazing omg, who doesn’t love a bit of Grease?) and can be found here.

To  be completely honest, I may have already bought a pattern……..

Well, it is a blouse, which I need more of anyway, so technically it isn’t a ‘waste’ – not that sewing is a waste anyway! I bought the Violet Colette pattern  which looks so cute! I am excited for it to arrive, and I am at the moment looking through Ebay for some fabrics to use. I’m thinking crepe de chine; specifically this one but I’m not sure it looks ‘Grease’ enough for the competition. If I even end up entering it…. either that or some sort of pale pastel colour. Or maybe both…

Thoughts would be really helpful!


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