Umbridge Dress

Just a quick update on my cat lady challenge dress!

I have completed the skirt, and reinforced all the seams, and I have altered the bodice so it actually fits! (Although I tried to take it off after taking photos and I seem to have ripped some of my sewing off….)


As you can see, for some reason my side pieces are not long enough, so either I sewed them on weirdly, or I have a long torso… either way, if I redo this pattern, that will be an alteration I will have to do! Because some of it is way shorter, my skirt is going to have to be attached pretty high up…


But I am wondering whether I should attach an elastic waistband. I think I should as it would make the dress easier to put on and off however I had such an awful time with elastic last time, I am a bit reluctant. But I think I should as then the dress would be broken up a tad, and that may be able to lengthen the bodice. Also, looking at that photo, would kitty benefit from having a bit more of his/her head sewn on? I have done on the other side so….

Well, I am getting there!! It is nice to see it taking shape, I must say! Also, you may have noticed the post’s name, and that is because my friend, on realising I was making a pink dress with  a cat on it, exclaimed “you’re going to look so cute, like Umbridge!!”.

Slightly horrified by that thought though I may be, any Harry Potter reference is a good Harry Potter reference….


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