Women’s Fair Isle skirt Project

While in Belgium the other week, I ventured into Camaieu -sorry about the misspelling- and came right back out, because of the shocking prices.

But. Not before I saw a skirt in a really nice fabric. You can see it here. I can’t even remember the price, but I know that it was far more than I could afford.

While on the same holiday, my auntie – and (fairy) god mother- let me into her attic, where I was allowed to rifle through her collection of fabrics. I found a huuge amount I wanted, including this one!

photo 2

And I thought; perfect!!

So for the past three days, I have been crafting my skirt. And let me tell you, there has been a fair amount of swearing and shouting as I have miscalculated elastic length, hip length, every length there is really. ugh.

Anyhow. After I decided I was going to make a straight skirt (and finding the right pattern – I used this one– which was after I printed out and stuck together an A-Line pattern………..) I had to cut out my pattern and then the actual fabric.. blah blah blah

photo 1 photo 3



I also ironed my fabric, which I am really happy I did as it made it so much easier to sew! I enjoyed sewing this material far more than I did my kimono material, and as there was a straight line pattern, it was easy to sew in a straight(ish) line.

However, my problems started basically as soon as I started sewing. And they just did not stop. This is my mannequin and although it fit nicely at the front, from the back it was awful.

photo 4photo 5







Sorry for the quality of the photo; it was about midnight and I was tired and fed up….

Anyhoww. Here is the skirt on me, and you can see how huge it was;

2014-09-08 11.29.17

Soooo I I snipped at it in anger and that was my second mistake…. It was waaaay too small to fit over my hips. Nooooo! I have had to fit an extra panel, which has taken me ages to adjust;

2014-09-09 18.26.11

As you can see I also put in a button as I had such a horrid time with the elastic for the waist, I gave up with it. Honestly had such a hard time with this skirt!


2014-09-09 18.23.42

Here is the finished product! I am aware I have a bit of a gape but ah well! I’m going to wear it to work I think. Hopefully it will not end up being too short, but I am probably going to wear it with black tights as I shall wear it in the winter.

All comments are welcome, please can anyone enlighten me as to why I had such trouble with the elastic, or the fit or anything???



7 thoughts on “Women’s Fair Isle skirt Project

  1. Phew, I’m glad you got there in the end and it looks great!
    The only suggestion I would have is that it was meant to be gathered?! In which case you’d need excess fabric. The use of elastic makes me think that’s the case – that would draw it in.
    What were the problems you had with the elastic? I have had problems before with getting the length right, and also you must make sure your casing is wide enough so that it’s not a pain to feed it through. Also if you did have a problem getting it through, did you fasten a safety pin to the end of the elastic? That helps a lot.


      • I had quite an issue with the elastic; it took an age to get through (even with a safety pin) and when it was through completely, it didn’t stretch? I’m not sure how much elastic I needed anyway, and it was old elastic so maybe that was the problem? Honestly, elastic boggles my mind!
        I’m not 100% satisfied with the end result but I do love the colours and the pattern!


      • Hmm. Was it stretched out as far as it could go already then? Maybe you didn’t use enough? I have no idea if elastic deteriorates with age… maybe! Who knows?! Oh well, you live and learn. Mistakes are lessons! 🙂


  2. elastic does deteriorate with age. Try a stretch test first…if it expands and bounces back in an elasticky way, go. If it just kind of sits there, stop! I try to leave the elastic uncut and pull it through. Then try on the garment and adjust the fit. The amount you need varies with the fabric weight, etc…it’s fussier than you’d think. But your end result looks fine.


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