First Post: Introduction and Explanation

Hello Hello!

Welcome to my blog; a tiny part of the internet which shall be dedicated to all the things I make.

For a long long time I have said that I would like to make my own clothes. I think the idea is lovely, quaint and something I would really like to do. This summer, I decided that I really just had to go for it. So I ordered a mannequin from Amazon and found a pattern for a skirt in a charity shop, picked some fabric, and sewed. And sewed. And sewed. For five days. By hand.

I am incredibly proud of myself, and I will share that ‘journey’ at a later date, but for now, I will leave this blog post here, and go on to my next one…

Please feel free to comment (perhaps not on this one as there is nothing special here) on my posts, any opinions and tips would be greatly appreciated!


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